I have sinned

Forgive me internet, for I have sinned.

It has been 9 days since my last blog post.

I can’t believe my 3 day weekend came and went, and now it’s Friday again (not complaining, just noticing) and I can’t even remember this week- it went by THAT FAST.

Sunday, as everyone has read by now, Jenn, Krystal, Brandy and I all met up at Jenn’s house for some girl time, egg noodle lasagna, and chit chat.  I’d like to say I was actively involved in conversation 80% of the time, but truth be told, I was lamenting over the “it-was-obvious-but-I-wasn’t-ready-to-admit-it-yet” death of my Macbook Pro hard drive.  1 It honestly isn’t that big of a deal since most of the important stuff was backed up, but it was more so an inconvenience as the closest Apple store is 45 minutes away.  That meant:  drive to Jenn’s Sunday afternoon, drive home Sunday night.  Drive to Apple store in Lancaster to have them confirm the demise of said hard drive. Drive home with a still not working computer because they didn’t have the hard drive in stock.  Go to work on Tuesday, leave work, drive back to Lancaster in rush hour for Apple to install the new hard drive which “will only take about 10 minutes” took almost 90 minutes.  Drive home, rejoice that I have Apple Care and my MBP is still under warranty.

Now this weekend is here, and tomorrow (Saturday) the three of us are supposed to go to Orioles Fan Fest in Baltimore.  Of course the weather doesn’t appear to want to agree with us- it’s calling for snow/sleet/freezing rain tonight getting heavier in the morning tomorrow.  I guess we’ll see.  If we don’t go, I know I’ll be cleaning.  At some point last Friday night I put together a bookcase in Sophie’s room and tried to organize her toys.  It’s not that she doesn’t clean up her room; she does, as best a 5 year old can. 2 However, she owns a SHITLOAD of toys that are itty bitty and they have even ittier bittier accessories with them that of course fall into some sort of toy limbo underneath her bed/dresser/desk.  Apparently mommy is the only one who can save them from this toy purgatory. 

So if we don’t go to Baltimore, I suppose I will be rescuing small Littlest Pet Shops and their Littlest Pet parts from certain death.                            

  1. And by not ready to admit it was dead, I mean I spent the 6 hours at Jenn’s house googling hard drive fix-its like resetting the pram, fsck screen, etc. before I finally gave up and went home.
  2. She actually gets REALLY proud of herself when she “cleans up” her room, and I feel like a horrid mother for thinking “THAT’S NOT CLEAN AT ALL!@#!”


  1. Cori says:

    My niece had a little box of LPS toys when they were in town for Thanksgiving and I’m still finding random little pieces all over my house. It’s like they’re made to escape!

    Sorry about your hard drive, I know that sucks even when everything is backed up. Hope you guys were able to make it to Baltimore!
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