Meet Purrelli

So, Shawn and I got a new cat.  I mean, once you have two what’s one more?  So anyway, we went to the same shelter where Sophie and I adopted Lilly last year.  We were eyeing up this big black male kitty who was so fluffy and awesome looking, but when we got there he wasn’t friendly at all.  There were some very friendly ones; one that looked like peanut butter and chocolate, a calico female… but it was this big fluffy female that won our hearts.  Well, she won my heart because she let me hold her like a baby and rub her tummy.  And so, home with us she went.  

She was very reclusive the first couple of days, but about the third or fourth day you would have thought she’d been here for years.  She’s a very attention grabbing cat.  She wants attention and you WILL give it to her.  She’s also quite gigantic.  She’s at least part, if not all Maine Coon and has big paws.  We call her our little black bear.  She’s a beautiful, fluffy cat with a beautiful, soft coat and extremely poofy tail.  She’s gorgeous….but she is by NO means graceful.  This cat falls off EVERYTHING.  Chairs, counters, couch arms, entertainment centers… you name it and she’s fallen off of it.  

I had my blood tests done and they came back showing I’m anemic.  Iron-deficient anemic.  Pretty badly.  I’m also b12 deficient.  Both of these don’t make sense to me… the RDA of iron for a woman is 18mg- I take 53.  I take 6,000mcg to overcompensate for my absorption problems due to my surgery.  I guess I didn’t compensate enough.  Oh well, I knew this was a risk of the surgery.  The benefits far outweigh the consequences.  Oh.  In addition to the deficiencies… I also still have bronchitis.  Now I’m on another antibiotic and I was given an inhaler.  I’m just one big happy ball of germ-y and vitamin deficient goodness!  However other than being really tired and coughing almost 20 minutes straight per hour, every hour I feel okay.  My chest is heavy and my throat hurts from the coughing, but it’s very tolerable in comparison to my stint with mono a couple years back.

Jenn took Sophie this past weekend.  She had a blast and Shawn and I enjoyed the time together.  Friday we went thrifting (SHOCK) and then out for indian food.  1  Saturday Shawn worked and I worked on my final project for my anatomy class.  I had to do a presentation on a disease of my choice.  I chose type 2 diabetes.  It wasn’t fun.  Sunday we hit the antique mall 2 and then drove to Lancaster to see his mom, dog, brother, and to gather some items he left behind in the move.  We attempted to see his grandparents but they weren’t home.  We drove to pick up Sophie at Jenn’s house, and I fell asleep on the drive home.  Like I said the sleepiness has really affected me lately.  All in all it was a great weekend.  THANK YOU AGAIN, JENN.  

  1. Thrifting Scores?  A green owl figure, a pewter alligator playing a french horn, another porcelain owl, a stone owl reading a book, 9 Junie B Jones books and Charolotte’s Web for Sophie, a stein from 1980, a large emerald colored decanter, and a full color anatomy book. Shawn found a sideshow bob stuffed animal, a large dragon stuffed animal for Alyssa (Jenn’s sprog) and a fox-bat stuffed animal for Ryan, a table clock under-glass with waltzing people underneath, and some cool candle holders.
  2. antique finds: spherical marble owl, a pewter pirate with a hook hand and a monkey on his back, an old medical book about mental illnesses in the 1920′s, and a really nice letter opener